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Register your tokens to join Grimace Staking Club
Apply for Grimace Staking Club
Apply a Grimace Staking Club for your project, so that your investors are able to stake the Token and earn Rewards. Grimace Staking Club registration is very simple, you just have to follow the form below to apply for your Staking Pool. If you have any questions or seek more information, please join
Stake Token
Reward Token
Pool Information
Please fill the token address that you will need the stakers to stake.
Please fill this field with the logo of the stake token, in 100x100px size.
Aditional Setting
You will need to exclude our Grimace Staking Club contract 0x89997CA79DEb8e8393AE64BB63598a50Ad92F817 from any taxes / fee, dividend, transfer limit and max wallet.

If the reward token has transfer limit or max wallet functionality on a transfer, you can create a Staking Pool with reward supply below or equal to the limit, and after you obtain your pool address, you can exclude it from the max transfer and wallet limit and then add the additional supply later ( please contact us for assistance ).

You will also need to exclude your Staking Pool address from any limit and fees from the contract of the token that users are staking if there is any limit or taxes / fees applied.
If your token contract has no max wallet/max tx, you do not need to exclude staking contract.
Simple Pricing
We have a few options of pricing, if you create a Grimace Staking Club with Grimace as the stake token or reward token, then you will not be charged with Grimace Staking Club creation fee, otherwise you will be charged
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